New Member: Vocodia

We’d like to welcome Vocodia, our newest member to Seed Workspace! Vocodia started utilizing a private office space at Seed Workspace last month, and we’re excited to have them be a part of our co-working space.


Vocodia is a voice artificial intelligence service provider that offers virtual agents for outbound and inbound call center processes. Instead of hiring a human agent at a call center, Vocodia provides artificial intelligence agents to sell without the costs and challenges that human agents tend to bring.


After looking at other co-working spaces, Vocodia chose Seed Workspace as their new home mainly because of the beautiful location in Delray Beach, Florida. Their team also really liked the turnkey-style office, which is fully stocked with all the necessary tools for a successful work day.


Seed Workspace offers a number of different workspace options. Choosing a plan, however, was also an easy decision for their team. Since a private space with sufficient square footage was needed, Vocodia picked the private office plan. Private offices at Seed Workspace are designed with business in mind, and each space is fully equipped. The workspace can fit up to three people, and members gain a professional mailing address along with five hours per month of conference room usage.


“We couldn’t say better things about our decision to rent an office at Seed Workspace ” says Brian Podolak, President of Vocodia. “The staff is so friendly, and it’s great that services, such as the conference room, are included rather than offered à la carte like most places.”


To learn more about Vocodia, visit or email